UBC NOMAS aims to serve as a student collective to advocate for diversity in design education and to create discussions in regards to equity and equality within the educational and professional architectural field through promoting engagement with diverse perspectives, community involvement and fellowship, and professional development of its members.

Exec Team 2021

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Liana Zheng

Hello! My name is Liana and I am the current President of UBC NOMAS.


I joined this club when I got into the BDES undergraduate program and it really helped with my transition into the field of design! Learning from and speaking to so many talented young professionals that embrace diversity was truly eye-opening and rewarding. Equality and equity is a constant uphill battle in the architecture field and we hope that UBC NOMAS can continue to be a platform that will push these barriers for minority students to help them grow and reach their goals. I am excited to continue this conversation into new and hopefully get in touch with more of you soon!

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David Law

Hi my name is David and I am the Vice President of UBC NOMAS this year.


I joined NOMA with the intent to connect with a community of architects and designers which respects and embraces different cultures, identities and values. I envision UBC NOMAS to become a platform where minority students, alumni, and mentors can exchange ideas and experiences, a place where voices and concerns in social/EDI issues would be heard.


I anticipate the growth of NOMAS beyond SALA into a wider network of individuals who are interested in pursuing architecture and design as a profession. I look forward to engaging in dialogues and collaborating with advocacy groups, minority speakers, local firms, and connections we have developed under the NOMA family. I am excited to work with the new exec team!

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Miucci Yung

Hiya! My name is Miucci and I'm this year's Competition Coordinator and Marketing Graphics Officer! 

I hope to create a platform for individuals to connect with each other and the chapter, generating meaningful discussions among minority professionals while also fostering a supportive design community. Being part of the first Canadian NOMAS chapter as a Chinese-Vietnamese-Canadian woman, I strive to promote inclusion and diversity throughout the NOMAS chapter, creating an empowering environment for designers to network and share stories within the architectural community. 

Leading the NOMAS design team, we are super excited to collaborate and engage with architectural representation, and hope to attend the NOMA Conference in the fall! Feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more about our chapter or if you just want to chat :)

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Faith Young

Hello, my name is Faith and I am excited to be the VP Finance of UBC NOMAS this year.


I have always been interested in architecture and design and how they can be used as tools to help others by creating inclusivity and diversity. Being a part of UBC NOMAS allows me to help make a direct impact in others’ lives and I cannot wait to see what initiatives we come up with as a team!

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Soha Heydarian

Hello everyone, I’m excited to be the Outreach and Sponsorship Coordinator for UBC NOMAS!


I am committed to creating connections for all NOMAS members and provide fun learning opportunities for all. UBC NOMAS aims to connect students of all heritage, cultures, and identities to learn from one another and expand their personal knowledge. Besides the built community of UBC Nomas, we will have the opportunity to learn from practicing architects and design professionals from around the world! I look forward to connecting with you all!


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Esha Sodhi

Hi, I'm Esha, and I’m this year’s secretary!


I’m thrilled to be a part of NOMAS, a group that addresses equality and diversity in design. I strongly align with NOMAS’ goal of creating educational equity and creating opportunities for minorities to achieve their goals. I’m excited to see how UBC NOMAS can help foster inclusivity and support for students from all backgrounds to engage with the design community, find opportunities within SALA, and participate in events to prepare themselves for school and their careers.