UBC NOMAS aims to serve as a student collective to advocate for diversity in design education and to create discussions in regards to equity and equality within the educational and professional architectural field through promoting engagement with diverse perspectives, community involvement and fellowship, and professional development of its members.

Exec Team 2020


Rebecca Li

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I am proud to be the President of UBC NOMAS! 


Representation of diversity is something the field of architecture continues to have trouble with. That is why I joined NOMAS, with hopes of driving that conversation into light, in conjunction with the values of equity and equality. As a Chinese-Canadian woman, I understand that opportunities may be limited for minority designers. To address the barrier, UBC NOMAS will continue to provide opportunities for students to reach their professional goals and continue to be a platform where every voice can be heard. I am excited to carry on this creative conversation with the design community through series networking, events, and workshops in the upcoming year. If any of our values stand out to you, consider joining our chapter at UBC. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to grow with you all in the next little while!


Tarnjeet Lalh

Hey everyone, I’m Tarn! And I am thrilled to be the Vice President of NOMAS this year!


Joining UBC NOMAS provided me with the opportunity to be a part of a community greater than just UBC SALA – it allowed me to become immersed in a strong organization with diverse perspectives in the design industry among minority students; a platform for us to share, collaborate, network and create opportunities for one another in our attempts of reaching professional goals. I anticipate the growth of NOMAS UBC by branching out beyond the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and into other related creative industries to further diversify and build more connections. I look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions about the design field and building a network of minority professionals through our events and programs. I am incredibly excited to see what we as a team can do in the community! :)



Lukas Ewing

Hi I’m Lukas and I’m this year’s Competition Coordinator! 


I was inspired to join UBC NOMAS after seeing the passion and dedication our founders put into the creation of this chapter. Leading the design team with our competition entry has been one of the highlights of NOMAS for me because I am able to collaborate and connect with my classmates outside of the traditional studio environment. If you’re interested in seeing the team’s progress, you’re more than welcome to sit in on a design meeting - just reach out!

Jenny Lee

Hi hi my name is Jenny and I'm excited to be the next VP Finance of NOMAS!


As an aspiring architect I am extremely interested in the intersection of design and community involvement and this interest is what fuels me to see organizations such as NOMAS to succeed. As a Taiwanese Canadian I notice the lack of representation of minorities in the architecture world which is why I joined. I wanted to create relationships with my classmates but also give myself a chance to improve my skills and learn to help solve real world issues through design.


I hope to continue helping NOMAS in its engagement efforts to promote mentorship and social change within the local community for the betterment of our society!



Selina Chau

Hello! My name is Selina and I will be joining the UBC NOMAS team as Sponsorship Coordinator. 


As the first international chapter of NOMA, I am excited to see how our organization grows. Not only does UBC NOMAS provide a meaningful platform for unique voices and an inclusive community among, but a great network in the professional field. I believe diversity inspires creativity, and as design students we should take advantage of that. I look forward to being part of a community that values, promotes, and represents minority architects. 



Akram Rayyan

Hi my name is Rayyan and I’m this year’s Graphics Marketing Officer!


I joined NOMAS to help further generate a healthy discourse around culture, identity, and representation within architecture, as I believe diversity and inclusion is key to empowerment in society. I’m thrilled to be a part of the first Canadian NOMAS chapter and excited to see what this organization can bring to the community.



Angela Zhang

Hey I’m Angela! I’m excited to be managing UBC NOMAS’ social media for this year!

I joined NOMAS because of the diverse community it fosters, allowing designers of all backgrounds to engage in meaningful discussion. Join us and stay up to date with how our student competition is going, upcoming digital workshops, and how to be more involved in navigating design in our changing world.

David Law

Hello, this is David and I am excited to serve as the Secretary for UBC Nomas 2020-21. 


I joined NOMA to connect with a community of architects which respects and embraces different cultures, identities and values. As a Chinese-Korean-Canadian, my multi-cultural upbringing greatly influences my sense of architecture. I aspire to bring in my insights and experiences into creating spaces that are culturally, environmentally and socially impactful.


Currently enrolled in the Master of Architecture (AP) Program in UBC, I am willing to connect with anyone who is interested in learning about our organization. 


Feel free to contact me through @hylawdesigns or david.lawhoyun@gmail.com