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UBC NOMAS aims to serve as a student collective to advocate for diversity in design education and to create discussions in regards to equity and equality within the educational and professional architectural field through promoting engagement with diverse perspectives, community involvement and fellowship, and professional development of its members.

Exec Team 2022


Soha Heydarian

Hi! I’m Soha Heydarian and I am the President of UBC NOMAS. 

NOMAS is a student collective fostering a community of determined and creative individuals. We provide resources and opportunities for minority architecture students who face many barriers in design education. I am proud to create and continue NOMAS initiatives at UBC. I hope you find support in your architecture education and a community within UBC NOMAS.


Alyssa Cheung

Hello my name is Alyssa Cheung, and I am the Vice President of UBC NOMAS and the Events and Planning lead. 

Upon joining NOMAS, the club has inspired me to lead and learn as a student. I hope to foster more meaningful relationships with individuals within the architecture community, as well as invite others to participate in conversations about equity and diversity within the design sphere. I am excited to support UBC NOMAS in our goal to provide more opportunities and experiences for minorities. Being a club that embraces diverse identities cross-culturally, as the Events and Planning lead, I hope to get the community involved in more learning, professional, and social events, where minority students can build relationships and engage in topics of design and architecture.

I am looking forward to the growth UBC NOMAS will have this year!


Esha Sodhi

Hi, I’m Esha and I’m happy to be co-lead of Events and Planning and return as Secretary this year!


I’m thrilled to have been part of NOMAS, a group of committed individuals advocating for diversity and equality in design. I strongly align with NOMAS’ goal of creating educational equity and opportunities for minorities to achieve their goals. I’m proud of our progress in fostering inclusivity and support for students from all backgrounds to engage with the design community, find opportunities within SALA, and participate in events to prepare themselves for school and their careers. NOMAS is a family, so we are excited to welcome all of you!


Miucci Yung

Hiya! My name is Miucci and I'm this year's Competition Coordinator and Social Media Director! 

I hope to create a platform for individuals to connect with each other and the chapter, generating meaningful discussions among minority professionals while also fostering a supportive design community. Being part of the first Canadian NOMAS chapter as a Chinese-Vietnamese-Canadian woman, I strive to promote inclusion and diversity throughout the NOMAS chapter, creating an empowering environment for designers to network and share stories within the architectural community. 

Leading the NOMAS design team, we are super excited to collaborate and engage with architectural representation. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more about our chapter or if you just want to chat :)


Carissa Tzeng

Hey! I'm Carissa, a current second-year M.Arch student at SALA, and I will be your Outreach and Sponsorship Coordinator for NOMAS this year. 

I hope to facilitate the link between students and professionals by connecting the different groups and increasing opportunities for those who don't have as many resources. I hope to contribute to the mission of NOMAS and turn this club into a safe and empowering space for all. Architecture is unfortunately a field that is still not as diverse in its workforce as we would like it to be. For this to improve in the future, we, the students, must play a hand in advocating for ourselves and initiating change where we can. I can't wait to work and connect with you all!


Vivian Kong

Hi! My name is Vivian and I am the EDI Representative of UBC NOMAS this year.


I am excited to be part of both NOMAS and SALA’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee this year. I joined both organisations with the intention of supporting initiatives pertaining to advocacy of equity and equality. With this focus in mind, I hope to engage in recognition and addressment of inequity and injustice in the design community and foster design discussions and practices that welcome all. I look forward to this upcoming year!


Heather Brogan

Hi hello, I am a third year BDES student at SALA and I'm the Treasurer of UBC NOMAS this year.


I enjoy going for long walks with friends, trying new foods and recipes, and drawing! I got involved with NOMAS as a way to meet other POC individuals with a similar passion for thoughtful design.

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