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Our UBC NOMAS Design Team is incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in the NOMA 2022 Design Competition. We’d like to congratulate all the participating NOMAS teams and extend our thanks to NOMA, NOMAS National, and NOMA Nashville for organizing this year’s event!


Competition Coordinator: Miucci Yung

Advisors: Jamilla Afandi & Roy Cloutier (Patkau Architects)

Collaborators: Alyssa Cheung, Bridget (Fan Ying) Bi, Cedric Li Hin Kam, Cynthia San, Deryck Bagui, Ellen McElroy, Esha Sodhi, Heather Brogan Gealey, Hellen Chu, Joud Shawwa, McNeil Fiesta, Sinnie Choi, Soha Heydarian, Vivian Kong

Project Proposal:


As a product of redlining initiatives, the I-40 displaced many African American residents in the North Nashville neighborhood. EnCORE reclaims the sense of place for the community by replacing the existing pedestrian bridge that actively serves as a connection between Hadley Park, Pearl-Cohn High School, HBCUs, and Jefferson St. This educational and cultural hub reunifies fragmented communities, providing healing from past mistakes, addressing the needs of the present, and projecting needs for a sustainable community for the future of the neighborhood.


EnCORE invites the community to a hub that reinforces participatory design that creates the conditions for community members to reclaim spatial agency, to express cultural identity, and to participate in civic engagement for generations to come. The site program considers both social and environmental sustainability, acknowledging that placemaking continuously changes alongside its people. EnCORE is a place for students to grow, a place for families to build a support network, and a place for local artists to thrive. 

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