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It was yet another year of a virtual NOMA Conference in which we felt immensely privileged to still be able to participate and connect with so many professionals and other NOMAS students. 


UBC NOMAS is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the Top 6 Finalists and receive Special Recognition at the NOMA 2021 Barbara G. Laurie Student Design Competition. We'd like to extend our thanks to NOMA/NOMAS National and NOMA Detroit for hosting this year's conference! 


Competition Coordinator: Miucci Yung

Advisors: Roy Cloutier (Patkau Architects)

Collaborators: Alyssa Cheung, Heather Brogan Gealey, Joud Shawwa, Shawn Guan, Soha Heydarian

Project Proposal:

Our project is located in the Brush Park neighbourhood in Detroit, which suffers from residential discrimination following the failure of the Brewster Housing projects that had led to the displacement of Black Detroiters, which further strained employment opportunities and fragmented the community.

Now designated as an urban mixed-use neighbourhood, a greater focus has shifted to focusing on growth. D-Town centralizes education, employment, and affordable housing to catalyze equitable urban growth, spatial agency for marginalized communities, and lifelong access to conducive educational environments, through which NOMA HQ serves as the core of the vibrant urban fabric within this neighbourhood. The circular design promotes a non-hierarchical environment in its geometry in order to foster equity in its perception and experience, while an all-encompassing platform interweaves the programming throughout the site to provide the community a sense of belonging. From NOMA HQ, to the interwoven platform, to the multi-generational housing, the design echoes President Pugh’s mission, NOMA’s Educate, Elevate, Empower.

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