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October 16-20, 2019

In 2019, we attended as the first international NOMAS chapter in the history of NOMA. While at the conference, our members felt a revitalized push as the minority gathered to become the majority to tackle the issues facing diversity in architecture.

The Commo
Flatbush Ave
Inner Courtyard
Inner Courtyard
Private Courtyard
Public/Private Court


Student Design Competition

Team Leads: Kendra Yoshizawa | Kevin Hong

Project Coordinator: Kaili Sun

Designers: Carmen Kam | Hubey Razon

Contributers: Pauline Salonga | Retaw | 

Advisor: Thomas Gaudin - Patkau Architects

Flatbush is a community facing issues of gentrification, displacement, and community identity. Aiming to mediate between the existing community and modern developent, the Commo acts as a transitional building for mixed income residents. The site is slanted between the suburbs and the surrounding midrise development and encloses open programmable spaces.
To reflect the diversity of the community, the Commo is composed of four different community experiences. The Como utilizes different layers of community nested within each other. From the greater community of Flatbush, to the housing project, the core courtyard between them, to the courtyards in each building, the buildings are curated to create shared moments through circulation and balconies. The housing project was envisioned to be open and accomodating socially , giving rise to its name, “Como”, a root word of accomodation, the definition of community.

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